With you in mind, KWP has built a more rebust,
reliable and future-proof Examination
Management System.

We managed IT services are designed to support growing institutions by offering fully
managed technology solutions at an affordable cost. operating at peak performance at a >99% rate.
If you have heared about these institution; You should have idea of our capabilities
LEAMSP Examination Council (LEC EXAMS);  |  Mathematical Association of Nigeria (MAN)

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We are pleased to offer our School Management System IT Services.

The method has been created with your needs and budget in mind, and we are confident you’ll find that it offers great value to your school, teacher, administrative, pupils and parents as well.


KWP is all about creating interesting projects for Schools. We're especially interested in online scripting and programming.


Whether finding solutions using software, it's important to think outside the box. I specialize in combining old and new technologies.


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